KOOK Agent Services for Professionals

The agent represents several companies from different industries that need support for product or service sales. The KOOK agent provides sales and marketing expertise for companies to increase sales. KOOK Management has experience in agency activities in the following fields: creative industries, biotechnology, packaging, graphic industry. In Finland, we actively represent our clients together with our partners. One of our licensor is Alchemy England, a great brand in alternative culture sector, whose Black Rose artwork gallery image is at the top of the page.

We use the services of creative professionals to find solutions for our customer companies. With a good team, goal and briefing, these services support our customers’ operations. For example, our customer company receives significant distinguishing factors through licensing for its products or services. At its best, creative services can also be used to support the company’s brand, sales and provide tools to strengthen the story of the customer’s products/services in the market.

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The theme song, or tuning song for companies, is a distinguishing factor in storytelling and agent services.

Member of AGMA – KOOK

Kook Management toimii luovien alojen agenttina ja agentti on AGMAn ( Agents and Managers in creative industries ) jäsen.

For your information, we’ve outsourced the accounts. We’re not its professionals, but we understand the message of the key figures in depth. We have freed up time in our operations for what we do best. We’re kook management, agent agency, agency, broker.

We have worked for years with creative actors and identified the need for creative intermediaries. We are able to provide our customers with a network of cooperation to grow and develop business operations. We’d rather look into the windshield than the rearview mirror. Our goals come well, for example, in our membership of AGMA ry,whose activities are focused on two main lines: the commercialisation of intellectual property rights and the delivery of services and products to the customer. These are domains that are important to KOOK.

Kook Management and content production services are part of the body of agent services.

How the Agent service works

1. We serve our customers with confidence. We talk openly, act plannedly and sometimes keep our feet firmly in the air. Yes, we are actively looking to the future.

2. We carry out a professional sales process for the paying customer to purchase creative services.

3. We provide services that have been reviewed and the quality of which is constantly monitored.

4. The heels in the country offer our customers the opportunity to new market information, develop services and thus better margin.

5. Our service model enables systematic operation and development.

6. We are enthusiastic about international opportunities and networks.

7. We actively develop the activities of our principals.

8. We are ideas for new earning models and help us move them forward with our partners.

Kook Management agent services for all entrepreneurial creative professionals.

Our tools and marketing plan

We make a marketing plan for each of our clients how we work. We agree on a tracking method, metrics, actions (sales, marketing, communications, billing, etc… ) as well as other operating models. We also make an annual clock that we follow in cooperation with our client.

We use the tools below, for example.
– Social media tracking tool
– centralised distribution of promotional and brand images by the image bank
– Video conferencing tool for team and collaboration meetings
– e-mail tool; distribution list and automation
– customer satisfaction monitoring
– market/customer survey possibility
– and many other digital marketing tools from content production to distribution

Creative professionals in sparring, agent and brokerage - Kook Management

Agent and exclusive:

In some industries, we believe that the exclusive right to represent our client according to the time limit set out in the contract, domain, industry, or sales objective. In creative sectors, exclusivity is earned through doing. Sometimes it is more efficient for a creative operator to have several agent players in the field. When cooperation works well, mutual trust has been established and common goals and values exist, you should consider why you should use multiple agents (which also take time to manage) or concentrate resources together.

KOOK Management collaborates with many agents and is able to manage the agent network on behalf of the client. In principle, kook management’s agent contract does not contain an exclusive right. We want to grow together with our customers.

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Our KOOK Agents reward:

When we sell, we deserve. Our rewards vary according to our customer’s situation, objectives and expertise. Our fee consists of a monthly charge, project charges and a sales commission.

Licensing and Agent:

We also offer licensing services to companies and growth-seeking operators in creative industries. Among other things, we want to increase the life cycle of artists’ work and leave the works to live in businesses and in our community. Licensing increases the life cycle and effectiveness of creative work to new applications, media or applications.

Are you a growth-hungry player? Contact! Let’s discuss your situation, your needs, your goals and where you need our services. What do you want to do yourself and how to free up your time most in your work? We will make our offer based on our discussion. We’re listening. More detailed contact information can be found here.

Check out our services for companies. We use our finnish and internationally operating professionals in our services.

Also check out the PM-magazine’s article ” The loan is offered: Brand ” written by Miika Peltola. The article briefly explains licensing and what opportunities it offers. Another good article can be found in IPR University Center articles, which deals with licensing as an internationalization tool.

Turku Business Region -järjesti Turun Logomossa tapahtuman ” Luovaa IPR-bisnestä” jossa KOOK oli myös mukana. A summary of the event for licensing, licensing agents, principals, and business opportunities can be found on SlideShare.

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