Mother And Milk - Animation director Ami Lindholm. Animation topics include breastfeeding, family, relationship, parenting.

Breastfeeding, young family, relationship – Award-winning Mother and Milk animation now in Vimeo

We’ve been working with Mother and Milk for five months. Animation director Ami Lindholm has directed a 10-minute animation of Mother and Milk. The animation depicts the beauty and horror of becoming a mother in the scale of a disaster film.
What’s the animation about? The baby’s just been born, but the milk isn’t rising. After the sweaty adjustment, the first drop of milk finally appears. From then on, milk will be constantly sprayed and the former life will drown in the milk sea. Yes, it is suitably absurdly decorated, over-lying, but still suitably warm, touching, eye-catching, identifiable and impressive.

Mother’s milk and lactation – Effectiveness and support for workshops

The animation is suitable for home, families, businesses and work communities, trainings and workshops. Young families and mothers in particular have received peer support from the animation for the everyday life, parenting, breastfeeding of the young family. Mother and milk animation brings fun from everyday misery and thoughts about everyday challenges. The theme of the animation is parenting, breastfeeding, young family, relationship supports many workshops organised for young families or work communities. The animation has been used by healthcare professionals in events and trainings. Animation is also suitable for multicultural workshops, as it is an animation that is understandable in all languages.

The Mother and -Milk animation is great for opening up conversations about parenting and serves as an important peer support for parents in a world where motherhood and breastfeeding are often uptight to perform.

Mother and milk animatio director Ami Lindholm says:
“I want to highlight the exhaustion of mothers and show how holistic breastfeeding is. With my movie, I want to say that fatigue and negative emotions are allowed. I want to be in my art to change the mother catalog in a more realistic and compassionate direction.”

The animation has won awards among others. In Japan , ” The minister for foreign affairs award ” 6th New Chitose Airport Int’l Animation Festival (Official Selection, Hokkaido, Japan) in November 2019. It has been on display at several festivals in Finland and international festivals.

Positive peer support, everyday humor and a sense of relationship – Watch mother and milk animation from Vimeo

The Mother and Milk animation, directed by Ami Lindholm, is available for purchase and rent at VIMEO. It’s worth a visit.

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Mother and Milk animaatio – vanhemmuus, imetys ja nuori perhe from Kook Management on Vimeo.

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