KOOK services and workshops for companies to develop your company and team. Find your own separation factor and improve your sales!

Workshops for companies

We offer workshops for companies to increase services, productivity and distinctiveness. In addition to the traditional workshop, we also bring creative tools according to the needs and challenges of our customers. We focus on sustainable people’s leadership, productivity, well-being and effectiveness.

Kook’s brokerage and consulting services help companies that boldly want to increase profitability by removing invisible slowdowns and improving the company’s capabilities in a rapidly changing market. An example of our operating model is Our more creative sales strategy project.

No changes are made to pope. Persistence and prowess are generated through repetitions. Many of our services are based on cooperation with our customers and repeated collaboration in workshops. We build tools for our customers to improve the working life skills of the future. Read more about #21stcenturyworkingskills.

Training and workshops for businesses:

Sales and Marketing Workshops
  • learning and teaming together with the sales team
  • performances and professional artists for events
  • the theme song of the company’s story in the lyrics to the song
Cultural development workshops
  • displaying common values
  • trust, values, and working together
  • learning from failure
  • presence and communication
Staff training workshops
  • speeding up the orientation of new employees;
  • training the work community to develop part-time work;
  • creativity as part of the organisation’s daily life
  • Make hidden know-how visible
Change Director’s workshops
  • Target/values/strategy visible
  • The future is made by itself – Workshop for the Management Team and the Board of Directors

KOOK workshops structure

We carry out the workshops by involving our customers, organizational levels, partners and, if necessary, customers. In accordance with our own work model, we carry out an initial assessment, a goal for our service, design, conduct a workshop, follow-up and survey. The workshops are suitable for organizations from 5 to 200 employees.

We want to help our customers develop tools, accelerate change and improve results. Many of our services consist of workshop series according to the customer’s situation, needs and goal.


We also offer workshop services to our partners such as person professionals, management consultants, well-being at work developers and creative professionals. We are constantly looking for new partners to better achieve our right target group. If you believe that our companies share the same values and goals, please contact us. Thanks.