KOOK is a licensing agency for Alchemy England. The top popular Alchemy image bank Black Rose.

KOOK specializes in serving companies that want to stand out in international competition in the future. We are able to help companies with a clear goal in all operations, from tyky days to customer events or to the development of digital services, product development or personnel. We work with several development professionals and actively take advantage of creative industries. TEAM Kook has creative professionals, each with special services. With the help of partner partners, KOOK’s corporate customers are the first to use new tools to develop their own company, production, personnel and customers. Have your company used services of licensing agencies?

In order to stand out in the market, it is worth doing things differently than other the same market. By developing the capacity for change with partners, the company is able to develop markets and build new business. Kook’s core competence is the ability to react to rapidly changing markets.

New tools for the future:

Kook’s services can be used to build new talents for companies, for example through workshops and coaching, to develop old or hidden abilities to increase resilience. These include future working life skills,brand development, management and board work, strategic competitive advantage for the company, development of the company’s resilience. The services represented by Kook enable the company to develop its operations faster than traditional methods.

KOOK Licensing Agent - We execute to make KOOK changes in business. 
How kook is that?

Licensing agency and licensing agent – tools for new businesses:

We’re excited about licensing, even more. It will help to conclude win-win agreements that benefit both parties. We’re more together. A company can build new services for its customers that stand out through licensing. Kook, for example, is a licensing point and represents, among other things, the top popular illustrations and image galleries of Alchemy England. One photo gallery is Alchemy’s Black Rose, an example of which in the top of the page. All images of Alchemy are licensed for use by the company. Licensing enables the company to launch a new tool, build awareness or increase the sales of the target group, for example.

” Don’t be a order taker, be a market maker “

Already familiar with licensing options? Tell our team more detail and spend the next five minutes completing this ” How to be a licensee? ” form. We will review your licensing needs and contact us within 24 hours.

We want your sales to grow in the future

KOOK delivers services, provides licensing tool tools, and develops new distinctive solutions for its customers. Kook’s corporate expertise and partner services have a huge range of services to be provided to companies, cities and municipalities, as well as to communities. We listen – Contact us!

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