KOOK is actively joining Brand Licensing Europe trade shows.

Our company gets exited about licensing opportunities that we see with our clients. KOOK Management provides companies with distinctive services for sales, marketing and staff development through creative methods. Yes, we manage, license and internationalize with our clients. How kook is that?

Licensing and IPs

We believe there are many strategic tools that companies under value as a success tools, eg. licensing and the use of creative methods in companies. We are not talking about creative book keeping – instead we challenge existing strategy with new tools that will open new opportunities. We manage customers IPs and actively promote them through our network.

Our mission – business development

KOOK Management serves companies in times of change and development; Teams and management teams. We use our own experience in a rapidly changing market. We develop our clients’ behavior in times of change, act as a bridge builder, strengthen teams, open discussion and mediate. KOOK believes in a different perspective, in a systematic, cross-border, sometimes shaking way. We listen and coach our customers. We serve in situations where our customers need support for new directions for the future. We also leverage creative professionals with the ability to bring new perspective to important issues of our clients.

Licensing and agent services

KOOK Management is consulting company based in Finland. We search brands to work with and also serve our business network in EU with licensing. We also search good open and active licensing agencies to work with.

We provide licensing services to companies and growth players on the market, eg. in the creative industries. We want, for example. expand the value of company IPs for new target groups and areas that will support other companies’ growth. Also we increase the lifecycle of artists’ work and leave the works to the lives of companies and our community. Licensing increases the lifecycle and impact of creative work in new applications, media and business sectors.

KOOK is a member of agents and managers in creative industries. Kook is a active licensing agency.

KOOK Management prefers its own creative way in business development as KOOK stands for different way of looking thing and having a balls to do so. KOOK, a person that stands out from the crowd.

KOOK is a full member of AGMA (Agents and Managers in Creative Industries). We collaborate actively with other companies on the market. Agma is a member of Licensing International . Please read more about AGMA activities here.

Are you a growth player?

Let’s contact! Please drop us a note. We would be happy to meet shortly and discuss, how we could collaborate eg. is finnish market. #brandlicensing #licensing

How to become a Licensee? Please let us know more about your business. After learning more about your activities we will sontact you soonest possible to discuss more details about your licensing need. Please fill this questionaire, thank you.

Tell us your situation, your needs, your goals and where you need our services. We are listening. More detailed contact information can be found here.