Kook's privacy policy and privacy policy explains exactly where Kook collects data about internet traffic, etc. and what they are used for. Read more!

KOOK Management Oy’s privacy policy and privacy policy

Summary kook management oy and its auxiliary business name KOOK Visions, both kook in the future. This privacy policy describes the company’s activities related to the collection of personal data: KOOK’s operations are based on customer consulting, service design and training, paid and free of charge. The goal is to develop customers’ business with innovative products and services. Useful information is provided free of charge( at Kook Management Oy’s own expense ) in news, blog, free video or live training (webinars) in audio recordings and PDF files, website, social media and email.

The newsletter’s subscriberwill receive information about communications news, KOOK products and services and related trainings. Paid and free. Personal data will never be disclosed to third parties. The aim is to keep the ratio of util information and sales in communication 80/20, i.e. 80 free utility data and 20 sales of paid products and services. Kook finances its operations through the sale. No one is forced to receive messages from KOOC, but marketing is only sent to newsletter subscriptions who can easily unsubscribe from the link at the bottom of each message from KOOC at any time. The cancellation shall take effect immediately. The data of the entered data will be deleted from the registry.

Kook registration and privacy policy, i.e. what data is collected and what is it used for? Below you will learn more about what information I collect and what is used. Data is not shared with third parties. You can also access customer information from the site administrator, who from time to time checks the functionality of the site and helps you in case of problems.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy complies with Sections 10 and 24 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999).

When logging in to KOOK’s e-mail list, the e-mail address is made available to KOOK Management Oy. The use is carried out by the company’s senior management, who promises to use e-mail addresses only to share information that is useful to KOOK’s customers.

Privacy & Privacy

KOOK Management Oy’s customer data is confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties under any circumstances.

Kookmanagement.fior Kookvisions.fi pages do not store the consumer’s bank details or credit card information.


KOOK Management Oy (business ID: 2913931-3)

www.kookmanagement.fi www.kookvisions.fi and kook.smugmug.com

E-mail: customer service ( at ) kookmanagement.fi

Name of the register

KOOK e-mail register, register based on account and other relevant connection

Purpose of the processing of personal data

The primary basis for personal data is the customer relationship between KOOK Management Oy’s customer and Kook Management Oy, the customer’s consent, the order given by the customer or any other relevant connection.

Personal data may be processed for the purposes of managing, implementing, developing and monitoring the customer relationship, customer service and related communications and marketing.

When processing customer personal data, Kook Management Oy complies with the Personal Data Act, the Privacy Act, data security and other data protection legislation and good data processing practices.

Purpose of the register

The purpose of the register is to inform the members of the list of useful things, to maintain the member register. The register is also used for customer surveys and information, operational development and statistical purposes. Personal data is processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act. Under no circumstances will the data in the register be disclosed to third parties. The registration of the data of a person or company is due to a legal registration obligation.

Groups of registered persons

a) The person has ordered free material from Kook and at the same time a free newsletter or

b) The person has purchased Kook’s products or services.

Information contained in the register

The personal data file contains the following information:

a) First name, E-mail address, IP address

b) First Name, Last Name, Company, E-mail Address, Billing Address

Kook’s website uses cookies, as is the case with almost every website: Google Analytics collects insights such as ip address, site visits (but only provides statistics for Kook) and the Facebook pixel recognizes visitors if the visitor is logged in to Facebook. In addition, the marketing system collects information about which pages you’ve visited, which email you clicked on, and what messages you opened. This information I use to help me develop Kook’s services to serve customers’ needs. Kook can target marketing directly to the right people on Facebook. This way, the company doesn’t do unnecessary marketing or keep customer emails in vain.

Data sources

Registered himself and events related to the data subject’s customer service, use of services, communication and transactions.

Disclosure of information

The information will not be passed on to other companies for marketing. We use electronic services for data storage and processing that require data transfer within or outside the EU/EEA. We have agreed to ensure that all service providers we use comply with applicable data protection and personal data laws

Data retention

The data is stored only for the period when it is appropriate and the personal data is not retained for longer than necessary or until the newsletter subscriber cancels their subscription. You may also request the deletion of your data.

Registry protection

The register will not be handed over to third countries. Access to the register requires user rights in Kook Management Oy’s internal network. The registry is located on a password-protected server.

Kook Management Oy has developed a data protection policy according to which it follows good practices in personal data protection.

Manual material: The data is stored in the controller’s locked office space. Electronic material: Access to the register is restricted to those employees of the controller who need data in their duties. Users are identified by a user name and password.

Right of inspection

The data subject has the right to check what information concerning him or her has been stored in the customer register. Requests for inspections are addressed to Kook’s CEO, contact details above.

Right to request correction of information

Kook Management Oy rectifys, deletes or supplements personal data in its customer register that is incorrect, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated for the purpose of the processing on its own initiative or at the request of the registered customer. The customer can make any repair request in writing by mailing a personally signed individual repair request to the contact person in Kook Management Oy’s customer register at Kook Management Oy’s address. Requests for corrections will be addressed to our customer service, see contact details above.