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Hi, I’m Arto, founder of KOOK Management,

The distinctive factor, SCA, a sustainable competitive advantage, many terms that are talked about a lot. A sustainable competitive advantage is the key to international competition. Surprisingly often, companies are developed by traditional old methods. Markets and businesses are changing, it is also important to renew the tools for managing and developing companies. If the company’s strategic objective, for example, is to be a trendsetm in its field, the company’s services must develop continuously. The company’s services can also develop the market in the direction sought for the company.

When development projects involve a creative perspective as a tool to strengthen the competitiveness of a company, something new and sustainable is often developed with companies to develop the company. The change takes place outside the company in the market and in customers through sales and marketing, or internally in personnel, management and well-being. We use a number of consulting and creative methods in our workshops. We also offer our customers a wide perspective in workshops, to clarify the competitive advantage and also to find new target groups.

Why KOOK Management?

The term KOOK comes from English. On Google and a native among English speakers, you will find the following translations for the term. ” a person whose ideas or actions are different, fantastic or boldly mad “ ” a person whose ideas or actions are very different or different “ ” a person whose thoughts or actions are a little strange or stupid “

True, it’s the translations we use to tell our principles. If we’re not in our discomfort zone, we’re not trying hard enough. In KOOK, we believe that in the event of a change, the key to the success of the change can be found inside the customer company. The company’s internal and external development is on the Management Team’s operating list every year. Do you do things the same every year in your company? Many companies repeat the same development days, strategy workshops, TYKY days year after year. Will they develop enough of your business in the desired direction?

We believe that the company’s owners and management team share the same idea about training. You should always train your staff and customers. Trustees familiar with operating models, personnel and corporate culture are able to use appropriate tools to bring a fresh perspective to the customer’s challenges or company, together with the company’s other personnel, management. In our Kook workshops, we use consultant – artist working pairs. It’s a powerful combination.

Change, how could a company react to it more quickly? For years, I have been involved in various management positions, being involved in boards of companies in creative umbrella organisations and cultural associations. Many of my colleagues and acquaintances know the old leadership mantras, but few dare to question the lessons we have in the world of work and on the school bench. Yes, I have been an advocate and implementer of traditional leadership culture. We need more and more workers in the world of work who bring more than just their training titles into the work community. It’s worth investing in well-being, courage and creativity. It also facilitates leadership. I found that companies do not sufficiently exploit creative professionals, their ability to take over the challenge quickly and provide a solution to the folding by various methods to companies. Are you familiar with a company that uses creative professionals? Yes, unfortunately, there are few of them.

KOOK and management in the company – Tools for change manager and human resources manager

For the past 5 years, I have been studying in more detail the potential of creative industries in companies. In Finland, the use of professional artists is still very small, while in other parts of Europe artists are used more widely as part of the example. In the management of personnel, the development of a corporate culture, marketing and sales training. There are several possibilities for utilising creative industries. KOOK and management in the company combine with our customers’ projects, challenges and, above all, the development of future working life skills.

Our brokerage and consulting services help companies that boldly want to increase profitability by eliminating invisible slow-motion slow motions and improving the company’s capabilities in fast-changing markets.

As a change director in, for example, corporate integrations identified several challenges that the company’s top management has in the event of change. True, money and consultants go a long way, but do you sometimes feel that consultancy firms offer similar packages to your business problem? If the answer is yes and you know that consultant projects are one-time. The best management is consulted throughout the year as the project progresses and develops. How could the operating methods developed in projects be a permanent part of the company’s activities under the control of its own managers. How would change be led by adding new learned approaches to the company’s daily life?

KOOK and management in the company- workshops development tools

Our company wants to become known as a partner, mediator and utilising creative industries. We always have new ideas and tools for large and small businesses. We work with creative people/teams/industries. We are particularly interested in agency activities, IPR. We want to increase the company’s market opportunities and create new opportunities for creative professionals to take advantage of their skills in new environments. We look at companies from the manager’s point of view, we see the value of creative services as a distinguishing factor for companies. We also sell our services to creative professionals and companies. We’re brokers.

Kook Management’s goal is to help companies in a variety of big and small challenges. We offer companies workshops where we can map out the company’s situation, understand together the cornerstones of business and find new options through discussion or increase team mutual trust in each other. We use our partners’ customer projects, for example, creative professionals. KOOK and management in the company – in workshops we build development tools to support management and team future.

At its smallest project, we offer companies our own theme piece to support PODCast and Videos, we do content creation. We move our customers, develop trust and atmosphere. We organise a program/factors for your company’s events to help your company succeed in events, including from travelling product rapporteurs to the evening events program. Our network has skilled partners with whom we have developed services for companies for a wide range of HR, communications and business development needs.

We take advantage of our extensive business experience and a number of creative tools.

1. We implement the training of staff teams to increase trust and permissiveness.

2. In company change situations, combinations and team sparring, we help companies develop their corporate culture by developing workshops, gameplay and training.

3. Tools to support market separation, e.g. management workshops or company emblem or professional actors for content production, etc…

4. Business development through licensing at home or internationally

We serve creative professionals by sparring in a profitable business.

1. Identify areas of knowledge and development, objectives and anticipate the future

2. We go through the old customer target groups and plan for the development of new

3. We make a communication plan and help you implement it

4. We provide agent services to the designated services of a creative professional

5. We offer creative professionals our experience, network and expertise.

6. Develop collaborations with creative professionals with companies

We have gathered workshops on our services here. If you’re a business change manager, staff developer or sales and marketing professional, check out our services for more!

Did you learn about our Crative Sales Strategy -project? Creative sales strategy can be built to the company which wants to pop -up from the crowd and also lead the discussion on hte market. A sales strategy that really differentiates your company from others on the market.

We write ideas in our blog with KOOK and management in the company theme. Leadership affects everything, must be appreciated, judged, developed and, above all, learn. Check out our writings and tools here. You should also check out the srra’s megatrend release. It gives you the best for the future design of the ” Sitra , Megatrends ” https://www.sitra.fi/aiheet/megatrendit/ If you read all the way here, you can also be interested in team and organizational development and future working skills, 21stcenturyworkingskills. We wrote about it and listed the links where you can find some good information. You can access that blog from this https://www.kookmanagement.fi/tiimityo-ja-organisaation-kehittaminen/

Have you met KOOK’s tools yet? You can find examples of KOOK’s tools to support change management, strengthen your team, speed up onboarding, or help you with team/company value discussion on this page.