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Alchemy England. From England, from a small activity to global awareness. Alchemy of England founded more than 40 years ago in 1977 two brothers who were passionate punk/metalhead students. They made handmade jewelry from lead and melted at a small cooking level in their apartment and selling them in a shop with a stone leg. Then they started traveling around Europe at a festival selling jewelry from the trunk of their car. Eventually, word spread, popularity grew, and soon Alchemy became an alternative culture design company that made fan products for world-class bands such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motörhead, ACDC and many others.

Since then, Alchemy has grown to be the best and most recognized global brand name in Gothic, fantasy and alternative cultures. Today, Alchemy products are available in more than 60 countries around the world. There are over 450,000 social media followers. Alchemy England is also known for its expertise in designing and manufacturing promotional gifts, jewellery and prestigious performance awards. The products have been used for high profile celebrations such as Classic Rock, Cosmopolitan, Virgin Money and Golden Gods.

Alchemy Licensing was founded around 2002 to manage the increased demand for Alchemy products in the consumer market and for the love of the brand and its unique, distinctive works of art. However, alchemy Licensing seeds began to germinate in the early 80’s with a t-shirt license granted to a London company that was actually owned by one of England’s leading POP bands.

How can illustrations be licensed and used?

Alchemy photo galleries are suitable for many needs as they address all age groups. What do you want to tell with licensed artwork and does the Alchemy brand support your sales to the target ing? How could you use more Alchemy illustrations in the future, as you can definitely find the same theme and style in the photo galleries. Read more in our guide to Alchemy licensing.

We also updated the extensive licensing possibilities of image galleries in our article. In general, Alchemy Licensing is full of opportunities, you should boldly ask and tell about the company’s goal and need. Read more in our article ” Stand out with artwork! – Licensing of legendary artwork by Alchemy England

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Alchemy England photo galleries – Alchemy Gothic Art gallery:
Alchemy Gothic Series
Alchemy Gothic Fantasy Series
Alchemy Gothic Black Rose series
Alchemy Gothic Empire series
Alchemy GothicThe Dark Age series
Alchemy Gothic Image Pallet
Alchemy Gothic Schetch Book

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Alchemy England photo galleries – Alchemy UL13 ( Urban Rock ) Art Gallery:
Alchemy UL13 Artwork Urban Rock
Alchemy UL17 Artwork
Alchemy UL13
Stigmatized Art Work
Alchemy UL13 Schetch Book
Alchemy UL13 Image Pallet
Alchemy UL13 Logos

Alchemy UL13 on suosittu ja legendaarinen kuvitus kuvakirjasto ja helposti lisensoitavissa Alchemy Licensing lisensointiagentti Kook Management avulla

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Kook Management represents the Alchemy brand and illustrations in Finland. When you find the pictures you need in your photo galleries, let us know more about your needs. Do you need illustrations in the Nordic countries and for how long?
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