Mother And Milk - Animation director Ami Lindholm. Animation topics include breastfeeding, family, relationship, parenting.

Ami Lindholm, an inspiring, immersive animation director and illustrator, has directed and produced several animations, including Mother and Milk and Irresista Smileble animations. In Ami’s works the recurring subjects of parenting, breastfeeding, reconciliation of work and family, and being a young mother.

Animation director Ami Lindholm says:
I would like to highlight the exhaustion of mothers and show how holistic breastfeeding is. With my movie, I want to say that fatigue and negative emotions are allowed. I want to be transforming the mother catalog in a more realistic and compassionate direction.

Kook Management acts as an agent for animation director Ami Lindholm

Mother and Milk services for businesses and communities:

  • Facilitation of workshops for companies on parenting and family and work life combinations
    • Organisational development
    • Can parenting be actively involved in working life
    • Permissive work community
    • professional workshop
  • Customer event on Amin’s works / topics such as Baby Book (2018)
    • Customer activity for companies or entities about Amin’s works and their background. Why are the works so impressive?
  • Training workshop for healthcare professionals and their clients
    • Workshop by visual arts
    • Workshop for professionals
    • Discussion of the everyday life of a young family and customer encounters
  • Educational material for Finnish and multicultural families
    • Educational material for healthcare professionals
    • To help young families
    • Selkeyttämään nuoren perheen arjessa tapahtuvia muutoksia vauvan syntymän jälkeen
  • Keynote Speaker
    • Ami Lindholm to speak at the event on parenting, families, breastfeeding or reconciling work and family life
  • Licensing for works, characters and illustrations

Keywords: maternity, parenting, family, work community, work culture

Watch mother and milk animation trailer

Ami illustrator:

Amin’s illustrations can be found online. Examples and projects can be found, for example. Mother and Milk website. You can also imagine different events during an event or presentation.

The customer
” For this guest comments /experiences “

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Illustrations of mother and milk animation:

KOOK Management toimii Lisensointiagenttina Animaatio-ohjaaja Ami Lindholm Mother and Milk animaatioelookuvalle

Baby Book – Book for Fresh Parents

Vauvakirja by Ami Lindholm - Mother and Milk - Licensing agency Kook Management


6th New Chitose Airport Iínt’l animation festival (Official Selection, Hokkaido, Japan) NOVEMBER 1, 2019

Ami Lindholm – works have been at the following animation festivals:

  • 9th GIFFONI FILM FESTIVAL (Parental Experience competition, Giffoni, Italy) JULY 26, 2019
  • 4th TURKU ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (National Competition, Turku, Finland)AUGUST 22, 2019
  • 3rd RED CARPET FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Hyvinkää, Finland)AUGUST 27, 2019
  • 26th RAUMA BLUE SEA FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Rauma, Finland)AUGUST 30, 2019
  • 28th IAFF KROK (Official Selection, Kiew, Ukraine)SEPTEMBER 22, 2019
  • 32nd HELSINKI INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Cut to the chase, the national competition, Helsinki, Finland)SEPTEMBER 25, 2019
  • 19th ANIMA (Official Selection, Cordoba, Argentina)OCTOBER 9, 2019
  • 5th REX ANIMATION FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, Stockholm, Sweden)OCTOBER 1, 2019
  • 28th FINNISH FILM WEEK (Official Selection, St. Petersburg, Russia)NOVEMBER 1, 2019

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We Women:

“Ami Lindholm’s Baby Book has everything essential in sums up to fun but touching pictures. As a mother of three, I laughed out loud at the pictures. On the other hand, some people touch some emotional memories so deep, I’m going to cry.”

Helsinki Library:

“Getting older is a big change in life. Sometimes confusing emotions and new responsibility are easier to deal with with the book. Books also remind you that all kinds of feelings and situations are also familiar to others. And everyday life with children is also full of comical mists, and there have been enough subjects for several novels.

These books have been selected to provide peer support to parents. Both those who are on this trip for the first time, and those who already have experience. There are both fiction and biographical works.” – website

Topic: “Parenting initially feels like everything important is drowning in the dairy sea”
Also on the subject of work and family:
“For what in parenthood, the hardest part has been to reconcile life with both children and the work of an artist, which requires hours or days of immersion. She still wanted to do her job, teach her children that mom works, and work can be a passion.”

Sadcom, Bojack Horseman ja Mother and Milk:

“– Plot structures have become more complex than before. I’ve actually been that vaude, in the animations of the general public, they talk about real things and pretty wildly. It’s pretty cool,” says animator Ami Lindholm.”
“Lindholm’s latest animation Mother and Milk tells of a fresh mother who is unable to stop milk production. Soon the whole town will drown in milk.
“One of my important goals is to show that it can be really difficult and then easier again. That we are not alone in our feelings.”

Read the article here:

Also visit Ami Linholm on Instagram and the Mother and milk – Facebook page!

You can find The Koronakevät illustrations made by Am here

*Photo of Ami Lindholm by Miikka Pirinen