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Stand out with artwork! – Alchemy England legendary brand and illustration licensing

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Illustration licensing is a great tool for any business! Licensed black fantasy and rock-spirited illustration. Alchemy England has designed numerous corporate products as well as fan products for top music brands. The products and illustrations designed by Alchemy are well suited for the target group, which appreciates the dark-speaking Urban rock, fantasy, Gothic artwork.

Over 800 illustrations in photos – Alchemy England

Alchemy England is an English design agency that has been able to build a global brand with its brilliant team and great design. Alchemy England was founded in 1977. Today, Alchemy England’s photo galleries contain more than 800 works that can also be used to develop customer marketing and branding. Alchemy’s photo galleries include Alchemy’s unique Gothic Art Library and the Urban Rock-inspired UL13 Art Library.

The name Alchemy England is certainly the most established and comprehensive, well-known and sought-after fantasy and gothic mythology brand in the ever popular market. Great illustrations can be used to develop more awareness and interest in various consumer products or the company’s services.

The top popular Alchemy image bank Black Rose. The Kook agent service is looking for an art design licensing partner in the Nordic countries.

Working with several top bands

The company was founded in England more than 40 years ago (1977), behind rock, metal, punk and gothic music, motorcyclists and alternative fashion, fantasy role-playing games, medieval and Renaissance costumes, historical fantasy and occult novels, comics.

Alchemy’s illustrations are generally popular in a large part of the 12-30-year-olds and fans of lifelong lifestyles and supporters of an alternative lifestyle.

Alchemy’s England photo galleries represent the original Gothic revival and culture of the 20th century, presenting and spreading exclusive authentic medieval, Renaissance and Victorian styles and traditions to today’s lifestyle market.

Alchemy Egnland is famous for its own designed and Gothic tin jewelry making, gift items and other lifestule products. The company is also known for its unique and authentic art, all of which are produced in England.

Alchemy England’s photo galleries and photo library feature uniquely recognizable thousands of original and popular images, image styles, stories and characters.

The Alchemy Empire image bank contains several top illustrations from heavy metal to light. Kook on Alchemy 
artwork licensing agent in the Nordic countries

License recognizable Alchemy England Brand:

Alchemy England’s most important thing after art and design is its world-wide well-known and strong brand. Since 1977, there is virtually no market on earth that has not heard or has no specialized market for the ‘Alchemy England’ brand.

Alchemy has collaborated with several top artists. Licensing Alchemy artwork is easy!

Alchemy England images do not need to be used only in 2D products. Images can also be used in 3D products, as more and more of these works offer subjects and many three-dimensional, licensed gifts, decoration, and lifestyle products. Alchemy’s team can easily design new product models. Alchemy’s licensing department is accustomed to carrying out versatile licensing projects. Artists and designers help develop new products and work all the time online with designers, sculptors and artisans to direct production.

Why license the Alchemy England brand?

  • Alchemy England is a world-wide renowned and recognized brand
  • Over 800 unique images in photo galleries of interest to people of all ages
  • Additional illustrations can be found for the future!
  • Alchemy England has over 450,000 fan followers on social media
  • All queries and acceptance rounds will be answered quickly, within 48 hours
  • Alchemy licensing team that develops Alchemy’s licensing in a systematic way
  • Extensive experience in licensing – also understands licensor’s needs excellently
  • Licensors visibility and support on social media for Alchemy followers
  • Alchemy England design has a wide and loyal global fan base

Internationally operating Alchemy artwork service. Kook Management is an agent of Alchemy and is a partner in art design licensing in the Nordic countries.

How can Alchemy’s illustrations be used?

Legendary images can be used very extensively for different purposes through a licensing agreement. Illustrations can be part of a product such as interior decoration products, books, etc. Below is a list of articles where Alchemy’s illustrations have been used.

Alchemy artwork licensing is easy with the licensing lotion with Kook Management.

Art licensing examples of applications

3D postcards and wall wallpaper, Bags and wallets, Bedding; sheets and blankets, calendars, interior paintings, Cards, Tarot cards and playing cards, Watches and wristwatches, Curtains, Dart boards, Door coatings, Drinking glasses, Drum heads, Consumer treads, Martial Arts products – Marshal Arts, Gifts, Goth Clothing, Guitar Picks, Handbags, Main Decorations, Hair Decorations, Pants, Leggins, Signs, Print & Printables, Phone Covers, Posters, Credit Cards, Shoes & Boots, Socks, Sports Equipment, T Shirts, Towels, Umbrellas, Women’s Clothing, Tickets, Gift Wrap, Computer Bags & Protectors, Mugs, Frames, etc…

Illustration Licensing – Over 1000 images licensable for business use!

Alchemy Illustration Licensing - Kook Management

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Alchemy UL13 illustration can be licensed from Licensing agency Kook Management.

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How do I get access to Alchemy photos? Licensing artwork is quick and easy!

Alchemy England is represented by the licensingagent Kook Management in these countries:
Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Tell us more about your needs and the licensed image is quickly available to you. It’s easy to license artwork!

Kook is interested in your business and its development. What is the need for your company to illustrate? Tell us more about your product, your market, where and how does your business work? For how long do you need artwork?

Contact us, we’d be happy to tell you more about Alchemy’s illustrations and a flexible licensing agreement! Send us an email or send a Whatas-App message in the lower-right corner of the screen.

Kook Management acts as Alchemy's agent as a partner in the Nordic countries and is looking for
business partner.

What is Kook Management?

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Download a guide to licensing Alchemy illustrations in English.

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