Licensing agency Kook management reprecents Alchemy in Finland. The licensing legend KOOK represents Alchemy in Finland.

Alchemy – Amazing black illustration!

KOOK has made the deal legendary Alchemy with England representing more than 1,000 top works in their image galleries. The company is the world’s leading brand in Gothic and alternative culture.

Alchemy’s illustrations can be widely used for a number of purposes, requiring black-speaking gothic-nuanced illustrations such as consumer products, interior design, corporate illustration, etc. The best way to get to the company’s photos is in these art galleries.

What legendary illustrator?

Alchemy is a renowned company that is considered a leader in the artwork industry when gothic or alternative culture illustrations are needed. Licensing activities were created at the time due to the high demand for Alchemy’s illustrations in the market and the core of the team’s great love for works of art and brand. Alchemy England has over 1,000 amazing and unique works to be licensed.

Why choose to be a partner?

Alchemy’s own, small, passionate, product-conscious and licensor partner. The team manages, markets and supports alchemy’s network extensively in the UK.
The company’s staff are experienced licenseholders who started working with the best rock bands back in the 1970s. Alchemy has a lot of experience and insight into the licensor’s needs and therefore is a good long-term partner.

Kook Management acts as a licensing agent for Alchemy England in Finland and neighbouring countries. Kook’s mission is to represent Alchemy’s brand and illustrations in networks, companies and to inform alchemy about licensing options for all potential business customers.

Alchemy has many followers around the world, including on social media and Alchemy’s photo galleries are well known around the world. If your business needs memorable artwork, the options are

Licensing agency Kook management reprecents Alchemy in Finland. The licensing legend KOOK represents Alchemy in Finland.

Photos below are from the Alchemy Gothic Art Library:

Alchemyn Urban Rock styled Alchemy UL13 Art Library which includes

We are happy to tell you more about several licensing options for your business. Let us know about licensing needs and feel free to contact us!


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