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How does brand licensing work and where do negotiations start?

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How do I get access to the brand I’m licensing and what’s associated with it, a question you sometimes hear at trade shows and events. Licensing is simple and easy. Licensing agents are tasked with finding new licensing partners and building long-term cooperation between the client company and the principal. The licensing label maps the customer company’s needs and provides a suitable solution through brand licensing.

Let’s take an example of a company that has decided to use licensing to increase its own sales according to its goals. The company has just found a brand that supports its own plans, such as illustration or animatina, whose values, message, mood supports the company’s own service or product. It’s a great situation! It may be that they have speeded up the discovery of the right brand and took advantage of the licensing agent’s experience, or they acted independently and spent a little more time on it. How should we continue with this situation?

There is still a long way to go to the licensing agreement, as the licensee IP (INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY) has often authorised the licensing agent to conduct negotiations with the client company on the use of the license and to ensure that both parties cooperate on a long-term basis (Win-Win). Licensing is a great tool for a company that knows how to implement the company’s strategy and achieve its goals. The license principal, i.e. the owner of the rights, wishes to work on a long-term basis with licensing customers in order to ensure that the compensation paid through licensing is reasonable for both the licensee and the principal.

The licensing object needs a few basic information to start the negotiations. They can be found in the form below.

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